As of this week, I’m excited to announce that Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days is now available on the Kindle and Nook!!!

You can also download it onto your i device (iPad, iPhone) and PC or Mac if you download the Kindle app and read it from there.

To celebrate this fantabulous news, here are my 5 reasons why buying ANY book in digital format is AWESOME!

1. eReaders are the COOLEST way to read books. You can make notes on them without feeling guilty about ruining the pages, you will never forget which page you last read, and you can lie in bed and read it upside down without using two hands (I know! Groundbreaking huh!)

2. It’s good for the environment. Buying WGB in digital format means 242 pages less printing.

3. You can get it RIGHT AWAY!! Like right this minute. No delivery time necessary.

4. And no delivery fees either!!!

5. It’s cheaper, period. Currently Amazon is selling the print edition of Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days for $14.35, while the digital version is a cool $9.99.

So if I’ve got you convinced, here are the links you need to shop for this awesome book (I know. I might be a wee bit biased but people have told me so)

Buy it for your Nook at B&

Buy it for your Kindle at Amazon

OR: Buy the print version from

Buy the print version from B&

For those based in the UK, you can find it at here

& the Kindle version from here

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