Don’t those people who predict trends for the future have the coolest job? I have no idea how they do it, but I’ve read their stuff, composed it all and written this post. All so you don’t have to!

Food 2011 – LA started it and the rest of the world followed suit – cupcakes galore. Whilst I don’t think we’ll ever get bored of their yumminess, the news for 2011 is that pies (from savory to sweet) are the new cake. There is even talk of pie shakes (yes that would be a pie- milkshake. bye bye healthy eating!)

pumpkin pie milkshake!! See this article in the New York magazine to find out why vegetables are the new meat. Vegivorism differs from vegetarianism in that it is not anti-meat, just pro-vegetable. If you truly love the vegetable, you are probably a vegivore without even knowing it. Luckily for you New York restaurants are catering to this new trend and vegetable-centric restaurants are popping up all over the city!

Fashion 2011

Lace, lace and lace. The more see through the better.

ColorsHoneysuckle pink and Orange will at least be the biggest and brightest colors this spring. The Wide-Leg Trouser! (Does this mean no more sayonara to skinny jeans? Gawd I hope so)

Tech & Media 2011 – Obviously the big success story of 2010 was Groupon, and it seems that group and social buying (encouraging friends to buy and then benefiting in a pyramid scheme type fashion) is only going to explode this year. Flash sales (limited offers to encourage impulse buys) is going to be the other reason our purses will feel lighter in 2011. Members -only (think c0stco) and exclusive shopping is also set to be on the rise.

Tablets – Android, Apple rivals and the iPad 2 – let the tablet battle commence! The cloud - remember the days when we used to have a USB pen or disc, work on one computer and transfer our documents whenever we had to switch up? Well those

troublesome days are over. Now we are computing on the move and switching from device to device, it only makes sense that we store everything in ‘the cloud’ (that’s online to you and me).

And our hard-drives are thanking us for all that extra room. In the same vein, it seems likely that we will be buying fewer movies, music and books, and be happy to just be able to access them from ‘the cloud’ whenever we want them. That’s where Lastfm, Pandora and Netflix (who have announced plans for a streaming only service) will boom in 2011.

I can’t wait to see what the new year brings! Looks exciting.

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