Thanks for following my journey to publishing in 2011! Time for a quick update as to where the book is at right now..

Finalizing the First Draft

In the beginning of September I finished the first draft (2 months behind schedule.. but there was the matter of my own wedding& honeymoon in August!) and September and October was spent frantically receiving feedback from brides to be, newly weds and other young ladies on the content and style. I have to say it was really interesting hearing everyone’s thoughts, and was really a very fruitful exercise. It takes a lot of guts to show your raw work to people, but I would recommend doing it before you open it up to the whole world. As useful as the feedback is though, It’s also true that there is no one size fits all in this life. Some parts of the books that people deem as their favorite, others commented were their least favorite and vice versa! You can’t please them all.


Whilst the feedback was flooding in, I also began to shoot the pictures for the exercise sections of the book. The entire thing was over in an intense but fun mornings work. I was very lucky to work with a beautiful and talented model who resides in LA, and has just begun her modeling career. She was really professional and exactly what I was looking for. I liked her look, but her real forte was how comfortable she was in front of the camera. Thank you Leah!

The Plank for flat stomach

Finding Providers

After I was happy with all the feedback, and made the necessary changes, I began the process of selecting an editor and cover designer. I spent a long time on this. I posted the projects on multiple websites and had countless bids for both projects. I also spent a long time brainstorming the back copy for my cover design, as well as the kind of style I was after so that I could pass my ideas onto the designer.

I am really happy to have finally chosen two great providers this week. The editing should take a little under a month, and the book cover should also be done by early December.

PR & Marketing

You would think that a writers job is finished after she writes the final word.. but that is far from true! Here is where the real work begins. I already have some experience with book marketing and I’ll be putting into practice all over again.

Watch this space!

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