The big dilemma of the perfect wedding shoes. My Mother would suggest a nice sensible pair of flats, and that isn’t a bad idea since you are going to be standing on your feet much of the day, not to mention the nerve-wracking walk down the aisle or the first dance.

But something in the back of my mind tells me, even though hardly anyone is going to be paying attention, I want to wear a really killer pair of high heels. Something to make Sarah Jessica Parker gawp.

With dress alterations around the corner, it is important that you have chosen and got your hands on the perfect pair before meeting with your seamstress. The height of the heel is going to determine whether or not the dress needs taking up a few inches, and the way the dress sits overall.

I visited various shops in my hunt for the perfect shoe, avoiding the typical Bridal stores as I felt they were on the whole, too ‘bridal’. I wanted something I could wear again post wedding, and a pair I would possibly buy even if I weren’t having a wedding to avoid buying something ghastly in a wedding frenzy.

Eventually I ordered my shoes online, which might seem like an odd idea when I am trying to find a pair which I can ensure sit really comfortably on me. In fact, ironically, buying online gave me exactly that ability – to find out how comfortable the shoes were by reading other buyers reviews.

Since comfort is going to be really important here – sure we have all bought and worn silly shoes that we just loved the look off before leaning on our best friend all night, catching a taxi home and then throwing them in the back of the closet never to be seen again – you simply can’t be sat down all night feeling antisocial at your own wedding. I urge you to consider comfort proportionately to style when choosing your perfect pair!

To avoid being bitterly disappointed with my online purchase, I ordered from the amazing website Zappo’s. Zappo’s philosophy is a little different from your average online retailers, and the service they offer is truly revolutionary. Free shipping - both ways- means that you can order and send back a pair if they aren’t what you were looking for, and order another pair without having to worry about shipping costs.

Plus, the best part – being able to read other buyer’s reviews under the categories ‘Overall’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Style’. Getting some impartial advice and testimonials from those who have test run them for hours is invaluable.

So here is my final choice! Rated by reviewers as a 5 in all 3 categories, I really couldn’t resist. Not exactly killer heel, but a nice sophisticated compromise. Myself, Ma and my feet will all be thankful.

Read more about Zappo’s awesome philosophy.

To find your perfect wedding shoes at Zappo’s.

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