A couple of weeks back, I was talking with a bride to be. She was feeling disheartened because someone had told her that something always goes wrong on your wedding week, and she was nervous about what it was going to be in her case. She asked me if I agreed with this theory. Something along the lines of “hellz, yeah” was my response. “Expect it, and then get over it”, I told her.


Don’t get me wrong, your wedding day will be fantastic! Mine definitely was, but man did things go a little off track. It doesn’t matter, things always work out. Here’s the top 5 mishaps on my list;

1. An Uncertain RSVP: Until the last minute, my brother in law was unsure of whether he was going to be able to make it. He was also the best man, so this was a little nerve wracking. He was flying in from Hong Kong and simply didn’t know whether his work schedule would permit it. Thankfully he could come, and he flew from HK- London for 24 hours, arriving on the morning of the wedding! It was super hectic but having him there was priceless.

2. Not being able to wear my dress – definitely the biggest kicker for me! Yep, the dress I had bought 6 months in advance, had altered twice and was pretty much in love with. This warrants a whole different blog post, but basically the airline we flew back to England with screwed me over something rotten.

3. Lost luggage - 7 days before, the airline lost my luggage containing my cosmetics, jewelry, clothes & honeymoon gear. I spent the whole week borrowing my sisters clothes as there was no time for shopping! (Did I mention the airline screwed me over??)

4. The make up artist canceling due to a family commitment – 3 days before the wedding. Yet another detail out of my control. The lady who stepped in to do my make up was wonderful, and offered to do it for free! A true gem.

5. It rained… a little. Ok so this was in England, what can you expect! Luckily the rain held off for most of the day, but there were a few showers. Luckily we had prepared colorful umbrellas and this made for some cute shots.

Remember, expect it and get over it! Things still ended up perfectly and I will never forget how everyone came together to make things work. I’d love to hear your wedding day mishaps and how you dealt with them!

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