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I have no idea why some people bite their nails and others don’t. I have pretty tough nails that there was no way I could bite through, so I’ve never had to deal with it. However I do have friends who have been trying not to bite them for several years, and I do know it can be a real struggle. One friend can grow her nails really successfully for a few weeks, and then something stressful will happen to trigger her back to bad habits.

Like a lot of bad habits, there seems to be a lot of psychology behind why people continue to bite their nails despite trying hard not to. In situations of nervousness, stress, anxiety and boredom, the habit takes over either subconsciously or uncontrollably.

I know the wedding is one of those occasions where ladies will be dying to grow out their nails, so today I took a look at the methods and products out there designed to help you grow your dream set of nails.

1. Figure out the times/ situations when you decide to start biting. There is most likely an underlying cause of stress, nerves or boredom. Try to deal with it in a different way such as taking a walk, run or writing it down.

2. Pick a day to quit. Write it in your schedule and prepare for it – you are going to need distractions, motivation and will-power. Try the following:

  • Keep hand cream with you at all times.
  • Keep gloves with you and put them on if you feel the need to bite.
  • Keep your hands busy -with  a stress ball, elastic band or something else to play with.
  • Carry chewing gum to keep your mouth busy.

3. Tell people about your challenge and ask them to check up on you.

4. Carry a nail clipper and nail file everywhere. When nails or cuticles snag, cut or file them to resist the urge to chew!

5. To encourage nail growth and to make them harder to bite, use a nail strengthener to help grow your nails. Try Sally Hansen Growth Miracle.

6. Try wearing gel nails since they are too thick to bite. Acrylic nails may provide a good short-term solution, but not a long term one, since they will damage the condition of your nails.

7. If none of the above work, try anti-biting products which work by making your nails taste foul. Apply it several times a day. Jessica ‘Nibble No More,’ is a no-nail-biting polish with bitter cactus extract to make it taste unappealing ($5 at Similar products may be available at your local drug store.

8. Treat yourself to manicures! This will not only encourage you to grow your nails in order to look nice for when you visit the salon, but you will be less inclined to bite them when they are polished and pretty.

Lastly… Be easy with yourself, it’s not going to be easy! Much like anything worth doing, growing your nails requires patience, hard work but also self-reward and encouragement! If you have a set back, start again. Visualize how you want your hands to look, and you’ll be half way there. Good luck!

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