A couple of weeks back, a couple with a mutual love for running tied the knot during mile 16 of the Houston marathon.

Marriage Vows Exchanged at the Marathon: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

That’s got to be one of the sweatiest ways to exchange vows fo’ sure. But it’s certainly not the most unusual place:

There was the couple that got married at Home Depot in 2010. To the left you can see the bride’s proud father walking her down the ‘aisle’. I absolutely adore his outfit. Too stylish for Home Depot me thinks!!

And there are the couples who ‘jump’ right into marriage and say their vows while in the air. I imagine that is all kinds of awkward, and throws a whole extra load of nerves into the mix!

Then there is the twosome who got married at the Yankees stadium while their favorite team were playing. Luckily they won! The bride said “this is the wedding I dreamed of all my whole life. It’s like magic.”

And finally, and this isn’t a load of, ahem, crap, there were the darlings who declared their commitment in a public restroom in NYC. The wedding was sponsored by Charmin toilet paper, and the bride’s dress was custom made from toilet paper.


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