Parasol/ umbrella


Mosquito spray


Bobby pins/hairspray

Cell phone

Names and contact info of all vendors

A list of photos that you want taking

Nail polish

Extra stockings if you plan to wear them

Mini sewing kit

Safety pins


Sanitary pads/tampons

Mouthwash/breath mints/tooth floss


A pair of extra contact lenses if necessary, eye drops

Body Spray

Double-sided tape


A nail file

Q tips

Blotting paper

Compact mirror



Snacks – cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts

Straw – for drinks & keeping your lippy in place

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  • Sunshine M J

    I really like the yellow dress, you have pictured of the girl on the swing wearing, Do you know a website, were i can find a dress like this for sale? Please let me know ..thanks:)

  • admin

    Hi Sunshine, I really wish I knew! I spent a while researching it but with no luck. It’s beautiful… Have you tried looking on Etsy for something similar or for someone who might help you to recreate it? Best of luck in your search =)