Dr Tanya Kormeili, MD is a Board Certified Dermatologist, specializing in cosmetics and laser surgery. I took some time to ask her about the brides she sees in her office as a result of wedding stress, and what she recommends to them!

Tanya, how often do you see brides suffering skin problems as a result of stress?

Almost every bride has an emergency flare of acne or a tender cysts that seems to be “taking over the face!” There are also rashes that are itchy and non-specific that show up when tension levels are high.

Outside of acne, what are some of the stress-related skin issues you see?
Tender cysts that come up with hormonal shifts; as the body gets stressed cortisol levels shift and this results in cystic lesions in the skin. Luckily, we have the magic injection (intralesional cortisone) that takes the cysts down in 24-48 hours and makes the pain disappear.
As a medical professional, how dangerous do you consider stress to be?

Stress is the reason we have so many problems in modern society. It is overlooked because it seems so common and everyone has “stress!” We also often feel like we have no control over stress so we “accept it” in our lives. Stress causes changes in hormones, metabolism, increases inflammation in the body and accelerates the aging process.

What advice do you give brides for reducing stress levels?
I suggest that they take control reducing stress through the following exercises;

a. Make to-do lists and organize everything on paper so that it is out of your head and “manageable” on paper

b. Look at the big picture often: the goal is to be happily married not to be the perfect party planner! So, focus a lot on the wonderful relationship and let the little things stay little

c. Get in great communication with the people you are dealing with:from  vendors to in-laws, there are so many people who want your attention! Make sure you understand what they each want and need from YOU and that you in return establish what you need and want from them!

d. Take a few minutes during the day to breath fresh air and look at nature, focus on the beautiful things around you!

e. When needed, scream, yell, sing, laugh or dance…. even if you are alone! Emotions that build up tear us down!
How should a bride dealing with skin issues proceed?
If the goal is to look your best for that special day consider:

1. A light chemical peel to get rid of the dead skin and bring back the glow to the skin the month before the wedding day.

2. Have a great dermatologist picked out so when you get a cyst or acne break out, they can accommodate you on an “emergency basis!”

3. Begin early – plan ahead to avoid stress! Please feel free to use our website to educate yourself on various medical or cosmetic conditions, as well as treatment options available to you, before meeting your dermatologist. Find out more about Tanya at www.drkormeilidermatology.com
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