When I moved to the US, I jumped straight into Californian culture and visited the nail salon for my paws and claws (mani/pedi) each month. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!! Such a little luxury, and so cheap!! I can’t imagine a salon in London with such good service, price and speed as the nail salons here on the West coast of the US. I left the salon feeling relaxed and with an extra spring in my step – I was a convert to polished paws.

However somewhere along the way the novelty wore off. I grew tired of waiting for my nails to dry, getting annoyed when they chipped after a few days, and felt that somehow all the nail polish and filing was actually ruining the quality of my naturally strong, hard nails. So I’ve stopped going to the salon with such regularity. But I sure do miss my colorful fingers!

Courtesy of Sally Hansen

Enter the amazing Sally Hansen, Godmother of nails.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are nail strips, made from real nail polish, that fix on easily and quickly to the nail. They come in an array of colors, including patterns and stripes, have a dry time of, oh 0 seconds!!! And possibly the best bit of all – they claim to last for 10 days, without chipping – that’s about twice as long as painted nails, in my experience.

So, what you are wondering is how much this sets you back, right? Drumroll…

$10 at the drugstore, $8.50 at Walmart (look out for special offers). Ladies, that’s what I pay at the salon give or take. Whoever said no pain no gain was lying. These things are simply stunning, easy and they won’t break the bank.

Image Courtesy of www.weheartthis.com

I’m off to CVS to buy my pack, and when I have finally settled on a design (there are too many to choose from), I’ll be sure to post a review – and let you know if the 10 day claim really does hold true. Let me know if you’ve tried them too!

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