Question from a reader (btw, I love questions! – ask away)Image: SassyPants @ Nine West

Dear Glowing Bride,

I’d LOVE your opinion on something. I was all set on wearing strappy heels with my full length wedding dress, but after trying on SEVERAL (and I mean several hundred) I haven’t been able to find anything suitable. I am about to settle for some plain ballet flats to put me out of my misery. Thoughts? Is it ok to wear flat shoes with your wedding dress?


Dear Footloose,

1. Yes, abso-bloody-lutely.

2. It’s your day isn’t it? You set the rules honey.

3. There are a few things you might want to consider before purchasing though.

Firstly, will the length of your dress still work with flats? You don’t want to be tripping over yourself because your dress is too long. Make sure you check this out.

Secondly, do think about your pictures. I am not sure how tall you are but if you are a bit of a shorty and your bridesmaids and hubby-to-be are all giants, you might want to reconsider this option.

Thirdly, please, whatever you do, do not go down the ‘I’ll buy some plain shoes and dye them an awesome color’ route. Bright colored shoes to match the bridesmaid dresses? Yes, I approve. Having the dye run all over your dress because it rained/ the grass was wet? Not a good look. Buy colored flats in the color you want them, no dying necessary no matter how DIY you are.

Finally, you said that you might “settle” for flats. No need to “settle”, my dear! There are a crazy assortment of gorgeous flats available, with beads, sparkle and jewel galore. And you will love them, and your feet will love you back.

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