10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body

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A good girlfriend sent me the best package ever a few months back. We are living 5000 miles apart so we try to surprise each other with sweets and treats from our respective continents.

This one, however, was on a completely different vein – a parcel dedicated entirely to my mental and physical well being. No chocolates and trashy magazines- rather a couple of books on being prosperous, a CD of uplifting music, and the best gift of all, a copy of her prized pilates workout DVD.

A couple of summers ago, this girl completely changed her physique. It happened so quickly I could hardly blink. Yes, it was partly a product of the weight loss that occurs when the temperatures hit sky high during the Japanese summer, but her other weapon in the war on svelte and damn right gorgeous was pilates. Just 16 minutes each morning, she told me, and the shape of her body was transformed.

I have read all about Madonna’s biceps and so and so’s post pregnancy body bounce back, but seeing it with my own eyes was something else. I couldn’t not not try this, in order to achieve the back and arms of my dreams ready for the big Wedding Day ahead.

Now I am more of a yoga girl, and I will be for the rest of my life. Since I started practicing a few years ago, it has also changed the shape of my body, but it took a lot longer and I was mostly won over by it because of the stress relief and peace of mind it gave me as well as the self awareness I learned from it. That is not my goal for these last few weeks. I need to look hot!

Try a pilates DVD or class as the final boost in your Wedding dress ready physique plan. As well as a whole host of improvements to your flexibility, joint mobility, back pains and conditioning, you might just find that you benefit from that lean toned body you have always dreamed of.

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