It arrived in an ominous package on my doorstep last week, and I felt absolutely sick before I opened it, and hubby was trying to take pictures and I might, maybe, just have screamed at him to stop because I just felt so dang nervous about it!

Here is a picture of me when I had slightly calmed a little and pretended to look interested in reading it (because, to be honest I have read it so many times that I could probably recite it word for word.)

Unfortunately I still need to make some minor changes to it which can’t be helped, but it is definitely exciting getting closer to the final product, and finally, after a month of seeing it on my computer screen, being able to hold a physical copy in my hands. Fan-bloody-tastic!

So the updates should be made this week, and the release date will be something like March 18th. I’ll keep you posted. Time for a celebratory drink me thinks.

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