As soon as I got engaged the five people I wanted to be my bridesmaids just clicked inside of my head. I hadn’t given it a second thought before that moment, it was just something that sprang to the forefront of my mind. In hindsight, I think 5 is quite a lot, especially considering the size of our tiny Church, but I love each of them so very dearly.

Now they have come from all stages of my life – my sister, pre-school friend, high school friends and my bessie whilst living abroad in my early twenties. They are also quite a motley crue of shapes and sizes. Thus, I couldn’t exactly put them in matching dresses, nor would I want to. In fact, the majority of the bridesmaid dresses I wouldn’t personally want to have any photographic evidence of, and finding a one style fits all option was not appealing.

I sometimes wonder if bridesmaid dress designers are told to design something to make the Bride look extra beautiful next to her friends dressed in completely unflattering styles. So much so that I almost gave my girls complete freedom, simply giving them a color to work with and hunting for their own desired style. After all, they range from petite to curvaceous, 5″1 to 5″8 with different complexions.

I grew to love the idea of having mismatched dresses. Actually, I am trying to avoid a so-called cookie cutter wedding and thought that it might provide a bit of flair to the bridal party. In the end I settled with the same color and fabric, but allowed the girls to choose their own style, shape and length. The dresses have arrived and I know they are going to look fabulous.

If you have the same situation with your bridesmaids, why not dare to not coordinate? They may well thank you for it.

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