20 Things I learned in 2010!

Happy New Year! What did you learn this year?

Carry a pair of running shoes whenever you travel. Even if you have no intention of using them you may be surprised to find them useful.
California has the best weather in the world.
Tea and coffee do horrible things to your teeth.
Friends whom you put on a pedestal aren’t perfect. They’ll make mistakes and you shouldn’t feel disappointed by that.
Weddings are stressful but there is no point getting stressed. They are way more fun as soon as you realize that.
You find out who your real friends are when you get married.
Having a dog makes you a calmer, more patient person.
It sucks when you lose your luggage.
Buy travel insurance. It comes in handy.
You can avoid hangovers by drinking really expensive wine. Sometime it’s worth the extra money.
Sunshine just makes you happier.
Patience really is a virtue.
Finishing a book is always a bit depressing.
Iceland is underrated as a travel destination.
Napa Valley is as beautiful as it looks in the movies!
It really hurts to be ignored.
Moving is a pain in the ass. Get rid of stuff.
There are golden people in your life. People that shine for you no matter what.
My parents are way more fun than I thought they were when I was a teenager.
You don’t have to do something cool/ fun just because it’s a Friday night/ Saturday night/ Holiday. Be extravagant on a random night/ weekend when you are actually in the mood!

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