It’s raining in LA this morning. Growing up in England I am totally used to waking up on a Saturday morning and seeing rain and carrying on with my day as usual. But for some reason life comes to a halt in LA when it pours.

downtown LA in the rain courtesy of the LA Times.

People cancel plans, stay home to avoid driving, and you can’t even walk the dog because the sidewalks just ain’t designed to deal with water.

But what happens if it rains on your big day? It threatened to rain on mine, and there was a ‘small’ appearance of umbrellas as the clouds let loose for a few minutes. Luckily my Mum thinks of everything, she was prepared and it was all good.

So relax. Here are the 5 reason why rain on your day is GREAT!

1. Boots with your wedding dress look really fun. Plus they are more comfortable than heels, and add a little pizazz to your look. Just check this out!

2. Your guests are really going to have something to talk about! All those people from different sides of the family and different walks of life.. now the rain is the perfect ice-breaker for them.

3. Plus people they get to huddle under umbrellas together and meet that way. Umbrellas also look really good in your pics – the perfect prop.


4. Guests will certainly remember your day! At certain stages in your life, you may find yourself going to upwards of 5 weddings a year. Don’t you want yours to be a lil’ different? Rain will be etched in the memory of your guests and make it stand out.

5. Rain can really create feelings of gratitude, warmth and romance when you are sat inside enjoying your safe haven, good food and good wine. Embrace the romantic atmosphere rain can bring your day.

Oh, and a bonus one for you – It’s good luck! Sure that sounds like it was made up by a super optimistic bride or something. But I like to think it’s true. ;)

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