Hands up if you have ever felt down during the engagement process…

Yep, I thought so.

(I know I know, we are all supposed to look like the brides in the magazines. Happy happy happy!)

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And on the wedding day you will be be flashing a smile so big you can see it from the moon, that is true. But that is then and this is now.

Sometimes, there is no denying the fact that the exhaustion and stress of wedding planning can leave us feeling mellow, anxious, down in the dumps, blue, confused, or… all of the above.

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First of all, expect it. Know that you are not alone. Even if you can’t tell your BFF, Mother, Sister or regular go-to girl because you are marrying the man of your dreams and everything is actually pretty peachy, you are not going crazy. Wedding planning and the identity changes associated with marriage, coupled with all of the stress that goes with it, means that it’s perfectly normal to have a Debbie Downer moment here and there. It doesn’t mean you are any less thrilled about the prospect of spending your life with your Mr. Wow!

Here’s a neat idea that my Ma told me about: Mindapples.

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Now are you getting your five a day?

Mindapples is an organization based in the UK, as well as an idea, that states we can take better care of our minds through simple daily activities that improve our mental wellbeing. While our mental health is often overlooked (in comparison to our physical health), Mindapples wants to turn this around. Make sure that we look after our minds proactively – by making time for five things that make us happy and our minds healthier.

From the Mindapple website:

“We all know how to take care of our bodies – we can eat healthy food, try to keep fit, brush our teeth and worry about our waistlines. Yet when it comes to our minds, have very little idea what to do. We take terrible care of ourselves and leave it to the experts to fix us if things go wrong. But experts can only do so much. We need to take better care of ourselves. So, if we can look after our bodies by going for a run, or eating an apple, then what’s the equivalent for our minds?”

The site allows you to write down your 5 mindapples and share them on the site. Here’s what I wrote:

I think reminding ourselves of the little things that make us happy is an awesome way to make sure that we look after our mental health during a busy time, such as the engagement period. Often Brides to Be have so many things to do, people to please and physical goals to achieve that the mind is left at the bottom of the pile, sitting there with no attention until one day: BAM, the blues hit.

(Now I understand that depression and anxiety and other complicated mental disorders are very complex and this is by no means going to cure any of these very real diseases. If you think you are experiencing these, professional help is your best bet. Please do this sooner rather than later…)

But for those who consider themselves to be pretty healthy, I think mindapples is a great way to make sure we look after ourselves even when things get hectic.You can find out more at http://mindapples.org/

What are your thoughts? Does wedding stress sometimes get to you and make you feel as blue as a smurf? Do you think mindapples is a good way to look after your mental health during the Wedding planning process?

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  • http://www.girlymuse.com Lori

    I’m really enjoying your blog…great even for us non-brides out there. :)

  • Glowing Bride

    Thanks Lori! Girly Muse is making me smile too :)

  • http://www.cesarchavezphotography.com Natalie Dalton

    I totally feel you! I got engaged a couple of months ago and don’t get me wrong I am happy and totally in love but there are some tough days. From finding wedding photography that fits both of our styles to picking the wedding dress. All of it definitely takes a toll on your mental health. I definitely am going to try your mindapple idea and see how it goes. Thanks!