You just don’t want to, period! In my survey of brides to be, it was the in the top 5 wedding day fears.

Here are 5 tips on avoiding Wedding Day bugs;

1. Wash your hands well and often! This means with soap, warm water, and every time you come into the house, office or have an interaction with someone. This is especially important if you work with kids or shake a lot of hands throughout the day. Carry anti-bac hand gel if needs be!

2. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. Hand washing is important, but not spreading any bugs from your hands to your mouth, nose and eyes is equally crucial. If you need to rub your eyes, use your knuckles and not your fingertips, where germs are more likely to harbor.

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3. If you do feel any signs of a sore throat, or know of any bugs going around the office or house, gargle with water for 20 seconds. Doing this daily is thought to reduce your chance of catching an illness by 36%!

4. Take your vitamins. Give yourself the advantage by boosting your immune system with the right vitamins to prevent infections and colds. Also try using garlic and ginger in your cooking both of which are thought to stave away cold and flu.

5. Sleep! Getting some Z’s will help strengthen your immune system, as well as reducing your stress levels which lead to an impaired immune system.

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