Last week a reader asked me about getting rid of undereye circles for her wedding day. There is a huge section on this in the book since so many women suffer from it. Here are the top three steps you can take to reduce the appearance of them – and guess what, it doesn’t necessarily involve getting more sleep!

1. Home Remedies - If dark circles are coupled with puffiness, eyes will benefit from a refreshing relief in the form of – cliché but true – cucumber slices, which calm down the inflammation and get rid of excess water. Tea bags which have been left to cool (must be caffeinated) will have a similar effect.

2. Using an eye cream or serum – designed to target under-eye circles will, over time, correct the coloring around the eye area. Look for creams that claim to do so, and contain the ingredients Vitamin K and retinol. Daily use over a few weeks should see improvements.

3. Reduce your salt intake, drink more water. Oh and take your vitamins!

In my third and final post on under-eye dark circles, I will share some make up tips on how to cover up the ghastlies, if all else fails.

Stay Cool,

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