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Top 3 Tips to reduce undereye circles

If all else fails… there is always make-up.

Here are my top 3 tips on hiding dark circles with make up.

1. Concealer, does exactly what it says. Look for a ‘corrective’ concealer, and one that is yellow, not green. This is available at your local drugstore and does not need to cost the earth. (Btw, yellow tones counteract blue, whilst green concealers counteract red, so save the green concealer for spots, scars and any red discoloration around the mouth and nose). Blend from the inner corner, outwards and down.

2. Less is more. Whilst concealer is great at hiding dark circles, applying too much will draw attention and only make the area more prominent. Use a light touch and dab on with a brush or sponge, not your fingers.

3. Avoid wearing mascara on your lower lashes. Also pay attention to your mascara, that it is not flaking off (waterproof is the best option for big occasions). If it does flake off onto your under-eye, it will only make the area darker and circles will become more prominent.

Hope that helps!



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