You don’t have to be a tech whizz to set up a wedding website. Luckily the folks over at these sites (and plenty more) have got you covered with already prepared templates:

Wedding Channel


The Knot

We used My Wedding for ours (see above) and found it to be very easy to use. The only techie thing we did (or rather he did =) ) was to change the URL name to our last names, to make it easier to find. Thus rather than directing our guests to: (hard to remember)

we sent them to (how could anyone forget that!)

So what should your wedding website include?

1. Wedding Events & Directions

In our case, the ceremony and reception were at two different sites. We could explain directions and confirm times on a page titled ‘Wedding Events’ in more detail than we could fit onto an invitation. And guests could double check the info if they lost the invite!

2. Accommodation Options

We had a ton of guests coming from out of town, so we put all of the hotels in the local town and the prices we were quoted for double rooms, as well as contact info on one page. This way we felt confident that guests could arrange their own accommodation, giving us one less thing to do.


You may want to include RSVP cards in your invites, but for us that would have meant sending out international return postage stamps too ($$$$!). So we gave guests the option of RSVP-ing online (which we also found to be fast and easy for people), as well as including a phone number on the invites for those guests who aren’t familiar with the internet.

4. Registry Info

Because it’s totally faux pas to include this kind of info on your invite, this is an easy way to let everyone know where you are registered.

5. Fun things

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, you can add fun pages to your site. We included the story of how we met, introduced the bridal party, and added a guest book. You can also upload your engagement pictures or any other fun images you have together.

I think our wedding website made getting information out to everyone really easy, especially as we were planning an international wedding. It also meant that plus one guests, who we were not necessarily familiar with, could learn a little about us before the day. That potentially made the day more fun for them. If you have a wedding website, share it below! And let me know which service you enjoyed using.

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