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Amazing book!! 10 stars!!!!!

By jamiemarie9

This book should just be called “Glowing in 30 Days” – every woman could benefit from this book, whether they are a bride-to-be or not. I’m usually pretty skeptical of quick-fixes so I didn’t have high expectations, but I was totally blown away. I learned so much from this book!! I really like that the author takes a whole-body approach. Besides the emergency “quick fix” tips for you to use in the weeks leading up to your big day (which are also great), this book is really about teaching you how to glow from the inside out in the longterm. There is an emphasis on healthy living, diet, mental health, etc. so you can take these positive changes with you even after your wedding day.

Even if you’ve already heard most of the advice in this book (which would be hard if you ask me), this book is well-organized and it consolidates all that great advice into one book that you can reference easily. It also cleared up a lot of the beauty myths and misconceptions that I had, I feel like beauty magazines can give conflicting information, maybe because of advertiser influence. The sections on hair, skin, etc. give you practical steps that you can take without spending a fortune on products or hours of your day on your beauty routine. There is a lot of consideration for different types of skin, hair, etc. since obviously there is not always a one-size-fits-all solution. In the past week that I’ve been following the suggestions in this book, I have seen immediate improvements in my skin and hair. My wedding is 3 months away, so I’m excited to see other improvements as the months go on.

The writing style is light and fun, it’s like getting advice from a girlfriend. It’s a quick read, but you can also skip around if you don’t have time to read it all at once. I would highly recommend this book to any woman preparing for a big event, or really at any time of their life. This will definitely be my go-to gift for future brides!!


By tinkerkelly

I am very happy with this book it is fabulous and completely useful.

I’m a 28-year old soon-to-be bride and found this book at the perfect time. There are so many useful and smart ways to update your beauty routine for the BIG DAY. Plus the advice and information provided in this book I can use for any other event in the future.

She has great advice on skin, nutrition, handling stress and much more. I love that there is also a calendar that can be filled with any appointments in the last 30 days which will definitely be coming in handy :)

I highly recommend this book!

PERFECT book for soon-to-be brides!

By Suzanne B. Ogden “SuzyQLLL”

This book is fabulous! It’s a perfect go-to guide. I could flip anywhere in the book to whatever interests me. As a bride, I’m not planning on sitting down for 3 hours and reading a book cover to cover. This gives me the tips I like where and when I want them.

I love all the quotes and the very valuable beauty advice. I’ve read a bunch of these books and wasn’t sure this would bring anything new to the table but it absolutely did. After years of reading Cosmo, I’m amazed Laura Pepper found new, awesome beauty tips that I had no idea of!

I will be buying copies for all my bride-to-be friends, as I usually make them a bridal package when they get engaged with lots of little gifts, and I always include a book or two.

I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

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WOW! Glowing Bride in 30 days is a creative fun book to inspire any bride to enhance her beauty for her wedding day and beyond! It has fabulous tips and information from all over the world! Thank you Laura for writing a helpful book for brides and grooms that want to look their best!
- Mary Dann-McNamee, MA, Author of Wedding Wisdom & Owner of Mary Dann Wedding and Party Coordinators www.marydann.com

Laura Pepper has written a fun, practical guide for brides. Follow all of her advice or just a little — either way you’ll be ready for your big day!
- Doug Gordon, Author of The Engaged Groom

The perfect guide for the bride who wants to take care of herself as well as the wedding details. A fun read!
- Kim Gruenenfelder, Author of  There’s Cake in My Future & A Total Waste of Make Up

A great resource for brides who want their wedding experience to be both manageable and meaningful. Laura has done the research and takes the stress out of the wedding planning period by offering practical advice from someone who has been there. Her tips extend beyond just the “doing” of wedding planning to provide frazzled fiancés comforting advice on “being” as well.
- Christine Hassler, Author of 20 Something, 20 Everything & 20 Something Manifesto, Life Coach, Speaker www.christinehassler.com


I was very impressed! I have read a LOT of similar books and magazine articles that describe beauty and health fixes, but this had a lot of interesting tips that I didn’t know and would use, and the writing style was very breezy and light and interesting.
- Suzanne, Reader

I found it very readable and liked the friendly, genuinely helpful voice which came through. A very enjoyable read!
- Caroline, Reader

A lot of fun to read!
- Brandy, Reader.

It’s so refreshing to read something that is truly informative and written in such a way that speaks to me! I LOVED reading it! I learned so much!!!!
- Allison, Reader

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