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I remember my first pair like some might reminisce over their first car or first love.

I was 17, my hair was a nightmare and I don’t think it had ever lived a day without being whipped back into a pony tail or bun. And then I discovered GHD’s and I was like a new woman. I couldn’t leave the house without flat ironing my hair and if it kinked even the slightest bit I would freak out. If I could reclaim all those hours spent straightening my hair I think I could probably play concerto piano, speak another language and cook gourmet by now. Oh and I’d have shinier, better conditioned hair while I did so.

The actuality is that my hair was left frazzled and lifeless from all the heat, and I didn’t learn to play Beethoven or to speak fluent French. C’est La Vie.

Then at around 21 years old out of pure desperation (my straighteners didn’t work when I moved to Japan), I left my hair to air dry one time and realized that my hair wasn’t just frizzy and out of control. It was curly. Curly! That sounds a lot more appealing than frizzy. Now I had to learn how to deal with it. It’s taken close to 5 years and a lot of trial and error, and I’m somewhat close to not only accepting my curly top, but actually loving and embracing it.

And now I have discovered It’s like music to a deaf man’s ears for curlies who, like me, didn’t even know they were curly and have been fighting the kink for as long as they can remember. It has salon recommendations for curly-hair specialists (who knew!), product recommendations, tips, advice and more useful for me – a 12 step recovery program for flat ironing addicts.

So -my flat irons are locked away in my drawer and I’m ready to be au naturale (minus the frizz). Bravo, naturallycurly, bravo.

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