A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy DiNunzio, founder of www.RecycledBride.com & CEO of Recycled Media.
Her awesome site allows you to sell and find wedding dresses, accessories, decorations, and shoes for up to 90% off! How? Because they have been gently used by another bride, though in some cases they have never even been worn.

So you can really afford the dress you want (and sell it again after!) AND feel good about reducing your ecological footprint along the way. I caught up with Tracy for a few questions.

Can you describe RecycledBride.com in 3 fabulous words?
Eco-friendly wedding resale…that was 3 and a half words!

I’ll let you off! How about 3 reasons that brides should consider recycling their dresses…
The financial benefits are the number one reason that most brides buy and sell gently used wedding dresses — buyers can save money on a wedding dress, and sellers earn back some of the money they spent. The environmental benefits are also tremendous, because of the resources that you conserve when you avoid a newly manufactured dress. And there are social benefits as well. Many of our buyers and sellers become friends, and it feels so good to pass on such a treasured item and know that another bride will enjoy it!

What sets Recycled Bride apart from the other wedding resale sites that exist out there? I think that we’re the easiest to use, and I’m very proud of constructing the site so that anybody can buy or sell a dress in under five minutes. It’s also free to list your first item, whereas many other sites charge a fee. And we donate 15% of all advertising revenue to Global Green USA, so you’re helping the environment just by being on the site.

That’s amazing! How long should a bride expect her dress to be listed before she gets a sale? Most dresses take 2-3 months to sell, but it does vary quite a bit. A newer, highly sought-after style will often sell in less than a week, while an older style can take up to 6 months. Most sellers find that the lower they’re willing to go on the price, the quicker they’ll sell their dress.

Can you give us some examples of great deals available on the site right now?
Where do I begin? We have some incredibly low-priced dresses, like this $150 Jessica McClintock that originally retailed for $450, or this $100 Casablanca gown that was $890 new. There are also tons of luxury designer gowns, like this Monique Lhuillier that was originally over $10,000, being sold for $4,850, and this iconic Vera Wang Helene for just $2,500, which originally sold for $5,100. I also love these $250 Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps, which originally sold for $700.

I love the fact you can find shoes and accessories on the site too!
What is your favorite Recycled Bride story?
There are so many! But I think my favorite is the story of a bride named Laura from New York City. She bought her Vera Wang wedding dress on Recycled Bride for $3,000 — it was an $8,000 dress originally. She wore it, had it cleaned, and then resold it — for exactly $3,000! So the total cost of her Vera Wang wedding gown was $175 for shipping and some minor alterations. I think that story is so inspiring, and it really proves that you can have your dream wedding dress on any budget.

What a bargain. Wearing Vera Wang is such a dream for so many girls, and you are making it happen!
You have worked with a lot of brides and wedding industry experts. What advice would you give to ladies in the last month before they get married?
I think it’s really important to spend the last month before the wedding quieting down and taking great care of YOU, just like you tell brides in the Wow! Glowing Bride book. Most brides are surprised at how little there actually is to do in that last month, after spending so much time planning. It’s a great time to focus on your health and wellness, and to reconnect with your future husband so that you remember that the love you have is the reason for all that crazy wedding planning in the first place!
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