In love with these……

Ever since I saw Carrie wear the big blue bird thingy in her hair for her tragic wedding in SATC 1, I knew I wanted to wear something big and ridiculous on my head rather than your more traditional wedding veil.

The possibilities really are endless with this! I have scoured the web to find my favourites. Let’s start with something traditional and elegant;

Available on for $52.oo, in White.

Or how about this beautiful creation from where they offer a range of handmade creations?

Available in Ivory, $115.

This one is reaaaally pretty, especially if pink is somewhere in your colour scheme. Available at for $93. (Free shipping and returns UK, $6 flat rate US)

Ok so let”s get a bit more outrageous.

A gorgeous blue ensemble. I can see this working beautifully on a red-head or deep brunette. This could be your ‘something blue!’. A bargainous $19.95 on

And finally…

If you’re not traditional about wearing white and ivory, and if you’ve got the guts, why not go all out?

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