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Eyelashes are truly one of our sexiest features, which explains the huge mascara market as well as the booming false lash industry. But whilst these are great aids, there is no denying that having our own long, full natural lashes would be better than battling with the falsies, or investing in a small fortune of lengthening mascaras.

So what is the deal with the lash-lengthening products available to us these days? Here are your options (see ‘Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days’ the book for a more detailed account).

Latisse – $$$

Originally designed as a treatment for the eye condition glaucoma, patients reported longer lashes as a side effect and thus Latisse have begun to market a gentler version of the prescriptive-strength drug, available for sale in stores.                    (Please be sure to research potential side effects – of which there are some being reported -  thoroughly before using)

Lancôme Precious Cells – $$

‘Precious Cells’ claims to strengthen and thicken lashes with ingredients that nourish and condition each lash. Being a mascara and conditioner in one makes it easy to apply and won’t add an extra step to your existing routine if you already wear mascara on a daily basis. Shop for it at Nordstrom or Nordstrom online.

L’Oréal’s Renewal Lash Serum – $

Conditioning and strengthening ingredients help to encourage growth and prevent hair loss or breakage. Apply under your mascara (if you wish) each morning and once before bed and notice a difference in four weeks. Find out more about their studies on L’Oreal’s website.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – $

The bottom line is that these lash-boosting products essentially work by conditioning your lashes and thus reducing hair loss and breakage. For an at-home eye-lash boost, coat your eyelashes with olive oil (using a q-tip for easy application) and notice the difference after a week or two.

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