I’m here in Taiwan for a month seeing family (hubby’s home country), enjoying the cheap shopping and eating like there is no tomorrow! Anyone who has been to Taiwan or has Taiwanese friends knows what I’m talking about. These folks don’t eat to live they live to eat!

Besides there being food on every corner, everywhere you go in Taipei there are also couples taking their engagement pictures. These pictures are known as hun sha zhao, and tend to be more elaborate than the western style engagement sessions. They often take the whole day to shoot, include several different locations (indoor and outdoor), many costume changes, and quite often the bride will wear a wedding dress loaned by the studio. These pictures are a huge deal and are handed out as souvenirs during the wedding reception.On any given weekend you will see several couples taking their hun sha zhao in and around Taipei.

Since the results of these engagement sessions are so impressive, I wanted to show you some of them for your own inspiration! How do you feel about wearing a wedding dress before th e big day?! At first I thought it was a little odd, but it’s nice to take the pressure off posing on the wedding day itself, which can be quite exhausting and time consuming. Below are some of my favorite shots, courtesy of Mikan Weddings, Taipei.

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