When you’re getting ready to get married time slips away from you like no man’s business. A small task like finding a cake topper can turn into a 4 hour online internet hunt, searching for the shoes you were envisioning could take up a few weekends here and there, and following up with RSVPs can turn into a mammoth task that you hadn’t even factored in to your calculations. So where are we supposed to find the time to enjoy life with hubby-to-be, like the good old days when you first started dating?

Here are some ideas to creatively incorporate time together into your existing routine, or fit in a sneaky date here and there amongst all the Wedding mayhem. It’s time to enjoy each others’ company again!

1. So you have to cook dinner. Why not cook together and enjoy making something you both enjoy? An hour with one of you in the kitchen could be an hour spent together, and it won’t feel like a chore. One of my favorite recipes is Thai Green Curry – it’s packed with vegetables but is so flavorful you will forget how healthy it is. You can also add your favorite meat, or leave it meatless, and using low-fat coconut milk reduces the fat content by 60%. Cooking this together is a great way to talk about something other than the Wedding, and opening a bottle of wine to enjoy as you cook will help you switch off and relax! Find a simple recipe here.

2. Take a walk around your neighborhood to discuss wedding plans or ideas. When you are sat down, you are less likely to communicate effectively and come up with new ideas. Walking gets the blood flowing to your brain to initiate creativity, and just changing your environment can spark your imagination. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s good for you. Try walking for inspiration.

3. I’m sure you both want to get fit and in shape for your big day, and this time can be great motivation to try new types of exercise. Studies show that working out together can increase your sex drive and chemistry, so as well as fitting in with your fitness goals there really is nothing to not love about this idea! Sign up for a dance class, contact yoga, kickboxing, climb a mountain, go swimming…

Make a date tonight!

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