Good morning lovelies! How was your weekend?

It got hot here in the city of Angels, and let me tell you, hiking was probably not a wise idea in that heat. My poor little doggie was panting like a crazy thing so we turned round and went home. He loves his walks though :)

Mr Wow & Sunny on a very Sunny hike!

I also stopped by SEPHORA over the weekend and spoke to one of the experts there about contouring the face ALA Kim Kardashian:

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Kim and J-Lo are natural beauties, but I love what they do with their cheeks, nose and foreheads – all with the illusion of makeup. Contouring in this way can slim down chubby cheeks, bring out your cheekbones, make your nose look slimmer and make all of your features stand out more – eyes and lips included.

So here’s the lowdown on contouring the cheeks. If you are blessed with cheeks of the chubby variety like myself, you can lose 5 pounds instantly with these tricks!

What You’ll Need:

- Blush

- Highlighter (light & shimmery)

- Bronzer, (or a foundation two shades darker than your natural skin tone.)

- An angled blush brush

- A fluffy Kabuki brush 

Here we go!

1. Begin with blush. A lot of makeup artists will apply the blush last, but I was advised, and feel that it makes sense, that it is actually easier to start with the blush to give you some guidance. Add blush to the apples of your cheeks using the angled blush brush and bring it right up to the temples to give you that chiseled, high cheekbone effect.

2. Next add your highlighter on top of this blush. Highlighter will draw attention to the areas you add it to when the light hits it, and thus you can use it to enhance certain features – such as your cheekbones. To create a more natural effect, add highlighter above the eyebrows, chin and forehead too. This will make your skin glow.

3. Here is the crucial part – adding the bronzer to your contour line. Make that oh so attractive fish face. Once you can see that dip in your cheek, use the angled blush brush, and starting half way between your nose and your ear, draw a line upwards, parallel to the line you drew with your blush. It might look dark at first, but don’t worry we’ll blend!

4. Blend – use the kabuki blush to mesh the blush, highlighter and bronzer together. Make small circles with the brush and blend it upwards and out.


Want to know more?

There are some great YouTube video tutorials out there for you to follow along. Here are my recommendations:

1. MakeUpGeekTV:

2. Onyx Beauty 1988:

3. Panacea81:

Also, if you don’t already own blusher, highlighter and bronzer, there are some 3 in 1 contouring kits available out there. Here are my top three:

1. Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit: $45

2. Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit: $30

3. Cargo Contour Kit: $34

Happy Contouring!

You can find more makeup advice, as well as a step by step bridal makeup section in my new book Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days – Beauty, Health & Staying Stress Free. Check it out!

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