Is anyone else upset by how early Christmas begins? I listen to an entire Christmas compilation album this morning as I sat outside Starbucks and it blared out of the supermarket across the way. It’s November 9th for the record.

Well… if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em huh! Because everyone else is getting into the spirit of things, let me confess to you the 5 things that will be on my letter of request to Santa this year. Because I’m pretty sure you want them in your life too.

1. Benefit Benetint. The only blush that I swear stays on all day and gives me exactly the right amount of tint. No wonder this stuff has cult status.

2. A Massage. Because I feel guilty spending the money usually (especially after the best one I ever had cost $5 in Thailand). But if I do say so myself I worked pretty hard this year and my back and neck are in need of some TLC because of it.

3. Aussie Deeeeeep 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment. Ok ok it’s very reasonably priced and I could walk around the corner and get it from the drugstore right now. But if Santa delivered it to me personally it would be all that more miraculous and, well, I’m lazy ok?

4. Make up brushes. I (h’actually the airline that we no longer speak about, ahem) lost them in my luggage and I’ve been using second rate versions of them ever since. And yes you can tell. Make up brushes are somewhat expensive but investing in good quality ones is a must. Santa if you could just pop by Sephora on your way over that would be grand.

5. A cape!image courtesy of Newport News.

To join the superwoman cape in my wardrobe, obviously. Team it with skinny jeans and a nice pair of winter boots, it completes any winter outfit.

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