Before a huge vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner last night, hubby and I crept out to see Christina Aguilera’s ‘Burlesque’. I should add that Cher also starred because I thought she was pretty awesome in it.

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In a nutshell: Though the dialogue left a lot to be desired, as did some of the character development, Burlesque is a fun, good-time movie. The costumes and make up are phenomenal and will make you want to run home, grab a pair of heels and throw on some thick black eyeliner and a pair of false lashes. Christina has an incredible voice and though acting is not her strongest talent, she is incredibly watchable and when she does belt out a tune it makes you listen and feel all warm inside. Cher plays a very likable character, and the wonderful Stanley Tucci (love him!) plays the gay best friend well.

Yes its camp, yes its cliché, but I’m guessing you pretty much know that when you buy a ticket, and if you are buying a ticket (and not being forced there against your own will), I think you are going to have fun with it.

Overall: 3.5/5. As satisfying as those yummy Thanksgiving leftovers!

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