Have you had a chance to check out Bridesmaids the movie yet?

I saw it a few weeks back and I have been having flashbacks of some of the hilarious scenes and scenarios ever since. The thing is it hits all the right spots – it’s funny, it’s fresh and it’s real. It brings up all the issues that real weddings do – issues of budget, changing relationships among friends, bridal party members being thrown together from random walks of life and expected to coordinate and agree on a perfect bridal shower and bachelorette party. A bride who is anything but pretentious and yet she is somehow sucked up into the vortex that is wedding planning. Ans as in real life, bridesmaids, family members and fiances are not immune from this wedding induced insanity. Without giving too much away (possible spoiler alert…) with the help of friends and family everything turns out a-okay in the end. (Come on, I said it was fresh but did you expect anything else?!)

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The writers are SNL’s very own Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo (see above – Mumolo makes a cameo appearance), who give an otherwise formulaic storyline the necessary spunk to keep the audience entertained. And there are parts where I couldn’t even look at the screen because it was just too “entertaining”. In the words of the New York Times, it “goes where no typical chick flick does: the gutter.”

The main character Annie, (played by Kristen Wiig herself) is kind of a twit. A very familiar and recognisable one. You find yourself getting annoyed at her, but only in the way that you do at a friend who is going through a rough patch and not taking care of herself. In fact it’s more like a sister who is exposing her most vulnerable side to you. You have hope & faith that she is not always going to be this annoying and useless, and will in fact pull herself together sometime soon. You breathe a sigh of relief when she finally does.

If you think your own journey to surviving it down the aisle is full of drama and obstacles, you’ll love watching this, and will maybe even walk away feeling blessed by your situation. And you will definitely get some belly laughs in the process too!

My rating

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