Today is January 21st, which means a shocking….. 39 days until the book is released!!

Ok ok breathe. February is such a short, cruel teaser of a month.

Everything is on track so far (maybe ^^). The interior file is finished, the cover is done (although I am not 100% happy with it and keep toying with the idea of having it re-designed. I’m like a 2 dress bride in this respect!), I have received some blurbs and am waiting for more, I have sent out review copies, have my twitter & FB pages up (join me!), sent out a press release, sent the manuscript for a Library Journal review. I still have to make my book trailer, order my proof copies, have my author headshots done, and organize the blog tour. Oh and organize some more reviews… if you own a book site, wedding site, or are getting married this year.. contact me please!!

Ok ok that’s all for today. It’s TGIF for me. Have a great weekend & Stay Glowing!

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