Royal Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding for 2011, then join Prince William and his beautiful fiancee Kate as they plan to tie the knot.

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Although it was no surprise, the official announcement came this week, as well as pictures of Kate in princess Diana’s gorgeous sapphire engagement ring.

So many people are bemoaning the amount of coverage this news is getting and the fuss that surrounds it, but I say.. peops lighten up! Yes there is more important news and events going on, but this is a rare piece of positive and uplifting news. Prince Wills deserves some happiness and it looks like he has found it. It can’t be easy growing up in the public eye and trying to find someone who loves him for him, but Kate seems to.

Everyone loves a good wedding and this one is going to fun in a different sense – you will be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your living room with a glass of champers, no need to dress up or buy a present – just simply watch and admire from afar. I, for one, can’t wait!

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