I don’t know if it’s because Spring is upon us or what, but I am totally head over heels for yellow.

It makes the perfect, fresh, uplifting color scheme for a wedding at this time of year. I had so much fun finding today’s wedding inspiration.

Yellow Weddings

Yellow wedding dress - I’m not sure how I feel about taking it this far, but if you were feeling brave then you go girl! This is a gorgeous yellow wedding dress, I absolutely LOVE the material.

Courtesy of Layout Sparks.com

Yellow bouquets look wonderful against a white dress or yellow bridesmaid dresses:

Courtesy of FlowerHawaii.com

Yellow wedding shoes. These look comfy and add a splash of color:

Courtesy of www.theweddingdaze-bespokeweddingplanners.blogspot.com

Or these look less comfortable, but totally SASSY. I ended up wearing killer heels on my day and somehow didn’t feel any pain. That’s called adrenaline my dears. It will stop you from getting hungry, needing to pee or getting sore feet!

Nina – Critia (Canary Luster Satin)

Yellow center pieces set a fabulous tone for eating light and spring-time delights:

Yellow wedding centerpiece

Photograph by Union Photography

Yellow wedding cakes look sweet yet light and fluffy:

Yellow wedding cake

Courtesy of www.weddingandcakes.com

OR you can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake with yellow touches. This is making me want chocolate right now, and the recipe is the brides Mom’s so you know it’s going to be good. (Drooling at the thought of my Mum’s baking…)

Chocolate wedding cake by by Elizabeth Loudon, recipe is mother of brides.

As for the Groom, how about some yellow boutonnieres to add his splash of color?

Courtesy of wedding101.net

Or a Yellow tie works too!

Courtesy of blog.bridepower.com

Finally, leave your guests with a nice memory of your yellow-themed wedding with these yellow favors from Weddingthings.com

Yellow wedding favors

Oh and one final thought, the first dance song would have to Coldplay’s Yellow! Such a beautiful song, with meaningful lyrics.

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called ‘Yellow’

So then I took my time
Oh what a thing to’ve done
And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D’you know? You know I love you so
You know I love you so

Oh ladies, you’ve got me all excited about wedding planning again. I don’t think my husband would be happy if I suggested having a FOURTH celebration though. I’ll control myself.

Have a great (and productive, relaxing) weekend my friends!


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