This week I’ll be talking about STRESS!!!

We all deal with stress from time to time. And sometimes stress can be a positive thing – it enables us to cope better in certain situations. It creates several chemical and hormonal reactions in the body as the body prepares to “fight or flee”- such as sending more blood to the heart and the muscles and shutting down all non-essential functions. These reactions allow the body to defend itself in danger, or to perform better under pressure. It can be a very useful and efficient response in certain situations.

However, if the reaction is anything less than temporary, and we are under extended periods of stress, then the normal physical functions that are shut down in response to stress become dysfunctional. This can cause real physical and mental disturbances including:

  • sleep problems
  • increased blood pressure
  • anxiety
  • tense muscles
  • aches and pains
  • skin break outs
  • digestive problems
  • OCD
  • reproductive problems
  • an accelerated aging process!

Sounds nasty doesn’t it?

Obviously we want to avoid these symptoms, by being less stressed. But while it is so easy to recommend “reducing your stress levels”, it is another thing altogether trying to implement. You are probably thinking “yeah, put that on my to-do list!”

So, as busy brides to be, for whom the stress of wedding planning and the changes related to getting married are very real, how can we realistically lower our stress levels?

I’ve had exciting chats with a dermatologist, an MD, a herbalist and a therapist to help explain the changes our bodies go through under stress and how we can reduce these negative effects. The posts will be coming over this next week.

Stay tuned, & peace out!

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