Ah, the fake bake. It can look so good:

Kim Kardashian

or so…

Wrong. Anne Hathaway (for a role in the Bridesmaid Wars, thank goodness!)

So how can you fake a glow and avoid a no no?

1. Exfoliate—this is the number one way to avoid streaking. Simple science – nice, smooth skin will result in a nice, smooth tan. Also, the fresher your skin is, the longer the results will last.

2. Rub it in – don’t over-apply (or apply too little) to ensure even coverage.

3. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, hands, neck and feet – particularly the tops of your feet and around your toes where skin is dry and tends to absorb unevenly. These are the areas where mistakes will be the most noticeable.

4. Be sure to let it dry. This can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, so apply it when you are not in a rush.

5. Wash your hands thoroughly – or use plastic gloves. Fake tan tends to remain under your nails and between the fingers, which can look gross – and give you away.

6. Wait 5-6 hours before showering to extend the lifespan of your tan and avoid exercise or sweating during this time too.

7. Moisturize after each shower for the next week to maintain the length of your tan.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

And today I’m off to Taiwan for a month where I hope to usurp some Asian health & beauty tricks on my travels! I’ll be blogging from there, and taking advantage of the 15 + hour time difference so I can be ahead of my game! Have a fab week =)

Glowing Bride

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