Press Release: Want a Wedding that Stands Out from the Crowd?

Weddings are Better on a Budget!


Date: 12/14/2011
Contact: Laura Pepper

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SEATTLE, WA, December 14th 2011 -Tis the season to get engaged! 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Chic &

Fabulous Wedding! couldn’t be better timed. The book argues that budget weddings encourage creativity, family

involvement and make for a more personal and memorable day.


November and December account for 26 percent of marriage proposals  each year, months when couple’s finances are already

stretched to the limit. The average cost of a wedding is now thought to be $28,000, and is rising each year, so how can the

newly engaged plan for a wedding that won’t leave them eating fast-food every night in 2012?


It seems to happen to the best of us; we declare that we don’t want to be in debt for the rest of our lives and that we are going to

have a simple, low-cost wedding, and then something happens. We get caught up. We fear that the wedding will look cheap if

we don’t pull out all the stops (and all the credit cards) and with a blink of the eye we’re over budget.

So how can brides break the mold and achieve a wedding with a modest price tag, without having to have more discipline than

Kate Moss at an all-you-can-eat buffet?


In her new book 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Chic & Fabulous Wedding! author Laura Pepper assures brides-to-be

that budget weddings don’t have to look cheap or tacky, that saving money doesn’t always equal being tasteless, and that there

are in fact creative and elegant ways of cutting common costs that actually work out for the better.

So well in fact, that guests won’t even realize you employed them for money-saving reasons. Using her own experience (holding

three wedding celebrations in Japan, the UK and California), she shows brides how weddings are done better on a budget.

As Pepper states in the book’s introduction, “there is nothing like a budget to encourage a little creativity!”.


“Having a budget is great as it makes weddings more creative, more talked about, ensures involvement from friends and family,

and generally makes it a more personal affair. These are the little details that people notice and remember: the home baked

cookies, the handmade favors, and the DIY centerpieces – not the $1000 chandelier hanging above the table. Your day will

stand out among a sea of cookie cutter weddings, that’s for sure!”


Here are three examples of creative money saving tips taken from 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Chic & Fabulous



1. Buy a Gently Used Dress

Tracy, founder of tells us how buying your dress from a pre-owned wedding dress store can afford you the

dress of your dreams without the price tag.  “I think my favorite is the story of a bride named Laura from New York City. She

bought her Vera Wang wedding dress on Recycled Bride for $3,000 – it was an $8,000 dress originally. She wore it, had it

cleaned then resold it for exactly $3,000! So the total cost of her Vera Wang wedding gown was $175 for shipping and some

minor alterations. I think that story is so inspiring and it really proves that you can have your dream wedding dress on any



2. Bridesmaid Flower Alternatives

Bouquets for your ladies can be pricey. Why not get creative and use fans, parasols, feathers, lanterns, a single rose or some

other alternative? Use Google Images to research “alternatives to bouquets” and you’ll see some great ideas. I used fans bought

from a local Chinese store and as well as looking nice, they were the perfect souvenir for my girls.


3. Rather than Using a Traditional Wedding Caterer, why not spoil your guests with your favorite type of cuisine at an

outdoors reception? Popular food options that are much cheaper than hiring a wedding caterer include:


* Mexican fajitas grilled outside with a tortilla or taco bar.

* A good old fashioned barbecue.

* A food truck featuring your local (or cultural) favorite cuisine.


The ingredients for these options are cheaper, the labor and set up costs are lower, and seating can be more relaxed and casual,

allowing you to spend time with all of your guests. A complaint that many brides have post wedding is that there simply wasn’t

enough time to talk to everyone. This is one way around it.

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About the book:

51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Chic & Fabulous Wedding! gives brides and grooms simple, elegant, and non-tacky ways to save money without looking cheap. It is available now on & Barnes & Noble online for just $0.99. See the contents page and more at Read more about author Laura Pepper here:


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