51 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Chic and Fabulous Wedding!
2012 US Summer Edition


Dear Savvy Bride to be!

51 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Chic and Fabulous Wedding Hopes to open your eyes to the variety of options available when planning a wedding. I truly believe that having a chic and fabulous wedding should not cost any more than you are comfortable paying;. Similarly, adhering to a budget should not feel restrictive. I hope, after reading this guide, you are left feeling excited and inspired about the possibilities available even when you are trying to save some pennies!

Before we reveal the 51 tips, I’d like to define some general principles to try and live by when planning your wedding. These seven rules can be referred to throughout the preparations, especially when you think things are looking impossible. I present to you…

… The 7 Golden Rules to Keep You – and Your Wallet – Happy!

1. There are no rules. I don’t want to use the overused, cringe-inducing phrase, “It’s YOUR day,” but it is! And it’s his too, so let’s keep that in mind. If you resent spending $400 on a sponge cake, when you don’t even like sponge cake, we can find an alternative.

2. Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s. There is so much “wedding porn” that making comparisons will leave you feeling nothing but unhappy. Browsing wedding blogs and websites for hours on end, and comparing their ideas with your own, can unsettle your vision of what you really want (and what you can really afford). There are numerous ways to make your wedding special and you can’t do it all. Derive inspiration from other weddings, but keep your own vision in mind and avoid the constant comparisons.

3. Creativity is what makes a wedding memorable and there’s nothing like a budget to encourage a little “creativity!” Tightening the strings on your purse can actually be a blessing in disguise.

4. Friends and family are likely to be more talented than you realize. Don’t overlook what’s right in front of you!

It’s worthwhile brainstorming your contacts with your fiancé, including friends of friends, family friends, and distant relatives, to see whose skills and services you can utilize. It’s the biggest money saver out there, plus it’s a great way to involve them in your day! Just watch everyone grow closer because of it.

5. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! Now, even if you are in the, “I’d rather eat a frog than ask for a discount” camp (like I am), there are diplomatic ways of making this awkward request far less awkward.

The Art of Negotiation for Nice Girls

- Keep in mind that vendors are anticipating a negotiation and have likely included this into their quote. Therefore it’s wise, not rude, to ask for a discount.
– Instead of asking directly for a discount, try saying, “Do you have any specials right now?” or, “Since we’re having our wedding {insert reason*} can you perhaps offer us a discount?”

*This reason could be: on a weekday, in winter, in the morning, any other reason that might mean business is slower at this time.

- Flattery works wonders. “We really like your work but we’re on a tight budget. Perhaps we could customize the package so it works for both of us.”
– Negotiation isn’t always about price. If a vendor won’t be flexible with the price, see if you can score some freebies along the way – an extra hour of photography, some extra detail on your cake, another bunch of flowers, etc.

Now back to those golden rules!

6. Where there’s a will there’s a way. And you ain’t gotta be no Bridezilla to have a will. Let’s keep things sweet ladies. Treat all of your vendors, friends and family with respect, not least because the word on the street is that Ms. Karma is a bi-atch. Try to be persistent, not pushy and that way you’ll see results.

7. Figure out your priorities. Some items should be saved on, while you’ll want to splurge on other things. That’s okay as it’s all about finding the balance. I splurged on food and music, but I saved on transport and flowers. Taking care of your money doesn’t make you a cheap-ass, it makes you savvy. And hey, I might be a wee bit biased but since you bought this book I’m pretty sure you are one savvy Chica.

Bonus Tip!

Be sure to make all major purchases and deposits on your credit card, or through a secure system such as PayPal. That way if you run into any disputes or disappointments costs can be frozen and you are likely to be covered by consumer protection. This can save a lot of headache in the long-term.

My Wedding(s) Story

In 2010 I had three wedding ceremonies. Yes, you read that right, three (just to clarify, they were all to the same man.) We have friends and family all over the place, and in order to accommodate everyone we organized celebrations in California, UK, and Japan. This was entirely our choice, which certifies us as officially crazy, but it also means I know a thing or two about sticking to a budget.

In 51 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Chic and Fabulous Wedding! I use my own experience, as well as those of my closest girlfriends, to show you how to keep your wedding from leaving you high and dry. That makes the reading a little more fun and ensures that each of the 51 suggestions is attainable and realistic.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean tasteless or shabby. All of the suggestions in this book are fabulous, chic, and in good taste. You won’t find any tacky ideas here!

Having a budget is great as it makes weddings more creative, ensures involvement from friends and family, and incorporating extra DIY projects makes it a more personal affair. These are the little details that people notice and remember: the home baked cookies, the handmade favors, and the DIY centerpieces – not the $1000 chandelier hanging above the table.

I’m also a bit of an internet nerd so I’ll point you in the direction of the latest and greatest sites and online resources that will ensure you can save a buck or two. Actually, plenty more bucks than that!

Feel free to contact me anytime. I run the blog Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days and I also wrote the book that accompanies it. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or email me at laura @ 30daybooks.com. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a wonderful and magical day.


51 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Chic and Fabulous Wedding!

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