I am not one to look back and regret, and I do believe that everything happens for a reason. However, we all live and learn, and there are invariably going to be things that we would do differently a second time round when it comes to it. Sooooooo….

Here is my list, in the hope that someone out there can use this advice to help make their big decisions!

1) Spent less on my dress. I spent a small fortune on it. Sigh… Yes because it felt good (can you imagine ever spending that much on a dress you would only wear once outside of the wedding? Maybe if someone invites me to the next Oscars!) but also partially because I felt pressured into it by the dress stores.

Each one would ask when the wedding was, say “gosh, that’s realllly soon, we had better sort you out!” and put me into panic mode (I still had 9 months to go when I first started shopping). I should have known that this was a sales technique. While my dress did take 3 months to be delivered, I don’t think it was quite as urgent as they made out. So instead of settling on the perfect dress at the perfect price, I settled on a perfect dress at an uncomfortable price.

I instantly regretted it when I realized we had to make cuts in other areas which made me feel selfish and unsatisfied. Dress shops might urge you into buying the dress as soon as possible, but the reality is these people work on commission and are really hoping to close a sale. Don’t be pressured into anything that you are less than 100% happy paying the price for.

Courtesy of wedding-teen.com

2. Reconsidered the date. Like most couples we opted for a Saturday in the height of summer because we thought that would be easier for everyone to travel and get time off work. In actual fact, Saturday turns out to be a more expensive day to hire the venue as well as your vendors, and you may be able to negotiate a better deal with vendors during mid-week when they are less sought after.

Additionally, hotels often inflate prices at the weekend, but offer mid-week deals, and train and plane tickets are more booked up. You might find that people are quite willing to take a day or two off work, particularly if you hold it on a Thursday or Friday – who doesn’t love an excuse for a 3-day weekend!

People won’t have to reject  other social functions and will be in a great mood as they should technically be in the office that day.

3. Made the invitations myself. We ordered the invitations online, but was truly disappointed with the real thing when they arrived, even though we had ordered a sample. The sample had been in a different color (that was all they offered) and looked entirely different.

We ended up taking a trip to the craft shop and spent four days fixing them with ribbon and material petals in order to get them to a stage I was happy with. I was so much happier with our crafty outcome and felt a huge sense of satisfaction!

Why didn’t we do that in the first place?! Invitations set the scene for the entire day, so if you really want to make a good impression and you have the time and creativity, follow this rule; if you want a job doing, do it yourself! And don’t be shy to DIY!

Has anyone given you any good advice about what they would have done differently on their wedding day? Moms, sisters, BFF’s? Let us all know in the comments below!

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