The wedding day is a big day for many many reasons. And let’s not beat around the bush here – you want to look great! (Those photos are going to hang on your living room wall for a while to come.)

In the last month before your wedding, you might want to step up your beauty routine to ensure that you are looking and – most importantly – feeling your best. Forget the fact that you just spent a fortune (and then some) on wedding costs. There is loads you can do to look fab, without going broke. Here are my top ten tips: 

1. Drink Water.It’s free, and it’s Mother Nature’s biggest gift to you. We all know the benefits, but here’s a quick reminder!

- It’s detoxifying. This means that you will feel more energetic and drinking enough of it will make your skin glow.

- It’s essential to all of your bodily processes and ensures that all your organs are doing their thing. That means simply being hydrated can dispel headaches, fatigue, stomach trouble as well as aches and pains.

- It improves your performance by 10% – be it your athletic performance or brain functioning.

You’ll need a boost in all of these things this month!


2. Do Your Own Makeup: Hiring a makeup artist for the wedding makes sense if you don’t own a lot of makeup. But what if you have a bag of makeup but don’t know what to do with it? Follow the pros who make YouTube tutorials professionally and get practicing!

- My favorite – Lauren Luke (Panacea81) can be found at
– The lovely Keiko Lynn also has a lovely step by step guide to natural bridal makeup on her blog.


3. Head to the department store for your makeup: If you don’t want to do your own makeup on the morning of your day (understandably) but still want to save some pennies, head to the department store and get made up by one of the lovely beauty consultants. Some brands will do it for free, others ask that you make a purchase. Since you’ll want to buy an item or two for touch ups throughout the day, intend to buy a product that they recommend and get your wedding makeup done for the price of a lip gloss or blush!


4. Purchasing expensive hair pieces, jewelry, veils? No need. Borrow from your Mom, Sister or BFF. It’s not skanky. It’s your something borrowed. And it’s better for the environment too. It’s not like you are going to wear that veil out to dinner again.


5. Take advantage of student makeup/ hair/ manicurists that are nearly qualified. They’ll do the job just as well, but for a fraction of the price. Just check that they have the necessary experience and are not too junior. Go with recommendations, or check review sites.


6. Dental schools charge less for teeth whitening. Check out this site: for a school near you. Crest Whitestrip’s results are comparable to in-house whitening treatments and much, much cheaper.


7. Don’t spend a fortune on bridal shoes if you don’t want to. There’s really no need to buy an ugly pair of ivory sandals if what you really want to wear is your favorite pair of comfy killer heels (they do exist, trust me). Clip ons such as these from Etsy seller Sofisticata can make any shoe look pass for bridal.


8. Workout for free! Do whatever works for you that you can keep up consistently. I walked/ ran in my local park everyday, and did a 30 minute exercise DVD several times a week. I had two or three that I mixed up and cost less than $30 total.


9. Rent exercise DVDs from Netflix. They have a great selection!


10. Eat well & feel great. The foods that are good for your hair, skin, nails and energy levels are from the earth and inexpensive. Packaged food and drinks are expensive because its got all the crap in it. Stick to rice, veggies, oatmeal, tofu, eggs and beans instead. Follow the U rule – walk the outer ring of the supermarket and skip the middle aisles. Try visiting your local farmer market and get psyched about seasonal fruits and veggies – some of which you might never have tried before.

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