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Whether you have hired a makeup artist, are counting on a talented BFF, or are going the Kate Middleton route and doing your own bridal makeup (go Kate!), it’s important to keep in mind why, and how, bridal makeup is different to regular makeup. Here are some things to remember, and some solutions to the challenges perfecting bridal makeup poses:

1. Bridal makeup should last all day (and night!) and therefore the coverage needs to be heavier than usual. At first this might be a shock, but you’ll be thankful for this at 10pm!

2. It needs to be camera -ready. This means there should be no ingredients in the makeup you use that will create shine. SPF, Titanium dioxide and zinx oxide will reflect light under flash. This is another reason why using a translucent powder on top of your makeup is a great idea.

3. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using new products on the day of the wedding. Do a trial well in advance of your day, and keep the makeup on all day to check your skins reactions. Stay away from new products two weeks before the wedding.

4. Be sure that the finished project looks like you – only better! You don’t want to be unrecognizable to guests.. or to your Mister for that matter! Good makeup will be natural enough to still look like you.

5. Try to avoid trends. Smoky eyes, silver eyeliner, bright eyeshadow or lipstick – you’ll be looking at these pictures for years to come and these details will be a dead giveaway!

6. In order for makeup to glide on – and stay on – it needs a smooth surface to work with. A month before your wedding, begin your exfoliation routine with an exfoliator suitable for your skin type. Also make sure to moisturize very very well. This will prevent foundation from settling into fine lines and becoming more noticeable.

7. Exfoliate the lips too! Use an old toothbrush to gently get rid of dead skin.

8. Wear waterproof everything- foundation, eyeliner AND mascara.

9. Keep highlighter and shimmer light - and only on one part of the face. Otherwise you’ll appear sweaty in pictures. Gross! And avoid glitter, at all costs!

10. If you plan to wear sunscreen (important for outdoor weddings), use an oil-free sunscreen to avoid shine. For extra insurance (since many moisturizers and foundations contain SPF which will cause shine) be sure to set your look with a translucent powder. Powder will counter this problem.

Do you have any makeup tips you’d love to share? Leave us a comment – we’d love to hear them!

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